Stephen hosts film premiere of "Inquisition" in House of Commons

Stephen has hosted a premiere of Tim Langford’s film, Inquisition, at an event in the House of Commons. The documentary focuses on five students whose visas were curtailed following allegations that they cheated on the TOEIC English language test.

Tim got involved at first to help out at a media training session run by the charity Migrant Voice, and then decided to make a documentary after speaking to some of the students. He told the audience that “…the more I heard, the more I was shocked and disturbed. I absolutely believe the students. All the evidence is on their side. And I feel very strongly they came in with absolute belief and faith in our system, and we let them down really badly as a society.”

After the film was shown, Stephen chaired a panel discussion with Migrant Voice director Nazek Ramadan; Patrick Lewis QC and Sonali Naik QC, both of Garden Court Chambers; and journalists Amelia Gentleman and Robert Wright.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said: “Tim’s film showed the misery the Home Office has caused in recent years. and I hope it will get the showing and distribution it deserves.”

"The All-Party Parliamentary Group will soon begin an Inquiry into the handling of these cases by the Home Office. Sadly, I imagine some of the testimonies we hear during the course of that will be just as sad as some of those we saw in Tim’s film"