Stephen urges Government action on TOEIC victims

Earlier on today, Stephen appeared on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme amidst mounting pressure on the Government over their treatment of English Language students.

The Home Office have accused 33,000 people of cheating in English Language 'TOEIC' tests - a figure that Stephen believes to be grossly inflated.

Appearing alongside two such students - Fatema Choudhury and Wahid Rahman - Stephen urged the government to allow students to resit the test and prove their innocence: "I think that the treatment of these students has been a disgrace. They trusted Britain to provide them with a decent education, instead they have been falsely accused of cheating. They have been given no chance to appeal, their visas have been cancelled and they have been left in limbo for years. I think what should happen now is that the Home Office should allow the students to take a reliable English test".

Home Secretary Savid Javid is expected to announce a decision on the TOEIC students in the coming days.