Jeremy Corbyn supports Christians on the Left's conference campaign


Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has lent his support to Christians conference campaign and encouraged members to act on their '10 commandments'.

The Labour Party Conference is currently taking place in Liverpool. Jeremy attended the annual church service on Sunday hosted by Christians on the Left and the Christian food bank charity the Trussel Trust, where the main theme was unity.

The party leader also took a photo with the Christians on the Left campaign frame and tweeted that the service was: "Uplifting, positive, and beautiful service with Christians on the Left this morning, and I'm proud to endorse their #LoveYourCLP campaign. We must never pass by on the other side when people in our communities are in need."

Speaking after the service, Tom Bray-Field of Christians on the Left, told Premier Radio, said: "This morning we had a fantastic prayer breakfast where we were able to have Stephen Timms MP and Marsha de Codova MP. We were praying, talking about their policies and praying for their work.

"We just want to engage with members across the Labour party to kinda say 'The Church, or faith or Jesus is here and open to a conversation with you. And to say to the church that the Labour party is open to listen to the campaigns that we have, the areas of injustice and inequality that we campaign on,” he added.