Stephen opposes prorogation of Parliament

Stephen has signed an open letter to the Prime Minister warning against the dangers of suspending Parliament and demanding that the prorogation is immediately reversed.

The letter, which was sent yesterday, was also signed by 147 other Labour MPs and argues that the move will mean ‘the possibility of leaving the EU with no deal increases and our national crisis deepens’.

Speaking about the scheduled suspension, Stephen said: ‘It is not acceptable for the Government to sideline Parliament in this way. Not only does it set a dangerous precedent for the unchecked power of the executive, but it also means that elected MPs will not be able to have a say on the most important issue of the day at this critical time for our country. I call on Boris Johnson to immediately reverse his decision and to let Parliament do its job as normal’.

Pending any legislative changes, Parliament is currently due to be prorogued next week and return for a Queen’s Speech on 14 October.