Stephen hosts parent and toddler celebration in Parliament

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Stephen has hosted a celebration for the London Network of Parent and Toddler Groups in Parliament, which supports church-based toddler groups. The event brought together leaders from across London to mark the end of a month-long ‘Prayer Marathon’ for the groups.

At the event, Stephen spoke alongside Jo Gordon, who leads a toddler group in Brent and coordinates the London Network. A number of group leaders from across London shared stories of how through the work and ministry of these groups, children are being supported at a vital stage of their life, communities are being brought together, and loneliness and mental health issues in parents are being addressed.

Stephen said: “Church-based toddler groups are a remarkable example of the work churches are doing in communities across London that so often goes unseen. They are immensely valuable for both the development of children and the wellbeing and support of parents. I was delighted to be able to celebrate them.”