Stephen questions new Prime Minister about TOEIC


Last Thursday, in the final day of the Parliamentary sitting before the summer recess, Stephen quetioned new Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the TOEIC scandel.

Asking for reassurances that the reconsideration system proposed by former Home Secretary Sajid Javid would still be carried forward by the new administration, Stephen pressed the Prime Minister to allow TOEIC students to be given the right to clear their name.

Speaking after the exchange, Stephen said: 'The TOEIC students wrongly accused of cheating in their English language tests have been living in limbo for five long years. It was encouraging that the new Prime Minister has already been briefed on their position, and that he agreed to write to me outlining the Government's position. I strongly urge him to end the suffering endured by so many and to allow these students the right to sit a new, secure English language test without delay'.