Stephen joins TOEIC students to deliver a letter to the Home Secretary


Last week, Stephen joined Migrant Voice and former TOEIC victims in their campaign against the Home Office’s 2014 decision to revoke thousands of student visas. A letter was delivered to a representative of Home Secretary Sajid Javid outside the Home Office, calling on him to issue a statement outlining actions to remedy the situation.

The letter was signed by 100 TOEIC students, who expressed the ‘lifelong mark of shame’ which the accusations have left them with. As well as denying access to their education, the 2014 decision has left many with severe mental health conditions. The letter appealed to Sajid Javid as their ‘last hope’.

A recent National Audit Office report into the issue found that while the Home Office had acted vigorously in 2014 to prosecute those involved in cheating, they should have ‘taken an equally vigorous approach to protecting those who did not cheat but who were still caught up in the process’. Evidence hearings held over the course of June as part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on TOEIC - chaired by Stephen - have cast further doubt on the reliability of ETS’ evidence. So far, 3600 former students have been successful in appealing the decision to revoke their visa.

After delivering the letter, Stephen said: “The decision to revoke thousands of visas without a full investigation was a major failing on the Home Office’s part. Five years on, students who did nothing wrong are still waiting to put their lives back on track. The Home Office must now act to address the grave injustice they have suffered.”