Stephen raises TOEIC at Home Office orals

Stephen has raised the case of his constituent, Biba Rahima, during questions to the Home Secretary in the House of Commons. Ms Rahima is a student caught up in the so-called TOEIC scandal.

In 2014, thousands of international students were accused of cheating on their English tests. Many had their visas revoked. The impact on the students has been detrimental – they were forced to return home and left with thousands of pounds worth of additional tuition fees.

Stephen, who is the Chair of the APPG on TOEIC, has raised a number of cases directly with the Home Secretary. Ms Rahima, who had her application refused, recently won her appeal. For reasons unknown, the Home Office have challenged the decision.

In his reply, the Home Secertary acknowledged Ms Rahima’s predicament. he also provided Stephen with an assurance assurance that he will come to the House with a statement on the wider problems caused by the maladministration of the TOEIC test before summer recess.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said: “Thousands of students have seen their prospects destroyed by false allegations of cheating in TOEIC tests. I welcome the Home Secretary’s commitment to a full statement to the House on this scandal before the end of next week. Those who have been affected need to know how the Government will address the grave injustice they have suffered.”