Stephen meets with Spanish exchange students


Stephen has met with a group of children from Doña Mencía de Velasco school in Spain, who were visiting on an exchange with a Spanish class at Sandringham school. They came to the UK to meet with the students in Newham, explore the city and discover more about British culture.

The students, who have been learning English since they were three, were given a tour of the Houses of Parliament. They were able to watch a debate in the chamber before partaking in a lively Q&A session with Stephen.

The children asked questions such as “….what are your goals for the future of Newham?” and “…what inspired you to become a politician?” They even asked Stephen what his favourite sandwich was!

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said “I was pleased to see the Spanish students engaging with their visit and was impressed by their questions. It is encouraging to see such enthusiasm about politics within the younger generation. I wish the Spanish class at Sandringham a brilliant trip when they visit Spain in a couple of weeks.”