Stephen hosts wall of answered prayer reception


The winning design and location for the Wall of Answered Prayer has been announced in Parliament at a reception hosted by Stephen. Snug Architects shall be designing The Wall, which will be located near Coleshill Manor, on the outskirts of Birmingham.

The project involves building a “national landmark of hope” and will be made up of a million bricks. Using an app, visitors will be able to hold their phone up to a brick, and read the answered prayer attached to it. The site will also have a prayer room, café, bookstore and park.

The Chief Executive of the project, Richard Gamble, described the building as a “national landmark about Jesus in the heart of the nation.” He is confident that the Wall will preserve our nation’s Christian heritage, whilst boosting the economy by attracting tourism.

Due to be completed in 2022, the Wall will be the first landmark to be crowdfunded. It is estimated that it will be seen by 500,000 journeys each week, including those on the M6, M42 and HS2.

Speaking at the event, Stephen, who is the Labour Party’s Faith Envoy, said “this project is a striking affirmation that something new and admirable is happening in the church. It is a reflection of the fact that many people in Britain have experienced an answer to prayer.”