Stephen hosts launch of ‘Boost your Broadband’

Ofcom pic.jpg

Yesterday, Stephen hosted the Parliamentary launch of the ‘Boost your Broadband’ initiative. The scheme has been introduced by the UK communications regulator Ofcom, supported by consumer organisation Which? It centres around the website and aims to help people to choose the right broadband service for them.

The website guides consumers through three simple steps: helping them identify what broadband is available in their area, providing advice on what to look out for and giving tips on how to shop around. As a former Minister for Digital Britain, and having worked for fifteen years in the telecommunications industry before entering Parliament, Stephen follows broadband developments closely.

Speaking after the event, Stephen said: “Good, affordable broadband is important for everyone – including, for example, to make a Universal Credit claim. Fifteen years ago, as Minister responsible, I received the UK’s first ever official 3G call. Now 4G is everywhere and we are planning for 5G. The speed of change is extraordinary. The right choice for a family this month may not be right a few months later. I commend Ofcom’s new initiative to provide better information to consumers.”

Stephen serves on the committee of the Parliamentary ICT Forum, PICTFOR, and closely follows parliamentary developments in the area of telecommunications.