Stephen writes to Home Secretary about Windrush deportations

Sajid J.png

Stephen has written to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, outlining his concerns about the government restarting chartered deportation flights to Jamaica.

The returns last week was the first to Jamaica since the Home Office suspended the flights last April after the Windrush scandal where at least 63 people had been wrongly deported to Jamaica.

The government stated that all those who were deported on the flight to Jamaica on Wednesday had been convicted of a crime, but Stephen - and other MPs - remain concerned that Ministers have not yet proved it has the processes in place to ensure the wrong people do not end up on these flights.

The decision to resume mass deportations has been viewed as “inappropriate” by campaigners on the basis that the “Windrush Lessons Learned Review” is yet to be concluded.

After sending the letter, Stephen said: “The Government must take urgent action to ensure all of the Windrush generation are treated fairly and legally, and the hostile environment policy must be ended. Otherwise, this scandal will only continue with further injustices.”

To read Stephen’s letter in full, click here.