Stephen shows his support for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Guide Dogs II.jpg

At this year’s Labour Party Conference, Stephen spoke with the charity Guide Dogs about the challenges that blind and partially sighted people face when walking the streets, including pavement parking, street clutter and shared spaces.

Pavements blocked by parked cars or street clutter such as wheelie bins and overhanging branches can force pedestrians to walk into the road, putting them in danger of oncoming traffic.

Speaking after the meeting, Stephen said: ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind is doing fantastic work supporting those living with sight loss and raising the profile of the challenges they face. I am happy to endorse the organisation in calling for action on the most common dangers for people with sight loss, including a new law limiting pavement parking to areas determined by the local council, action from local authorities on street clutter and a safety review of existing shared space schemes’.

Guide Dogs for the Blind exists to provide services to the 360,000 people who are registered blind or partially sighted, and the two million people in the UK living with sight loss. The UK-wide charity was founded in 1934.