Stephen calls for action to tackle alcohol harm

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Stephen spoke to members of Alcohol Health Alliance UK at the Labour Party Conference last week about the impact of alcohol harm in his area. There are an estimated 5,475 alcohol-related hospital admissions and 81 alcohol-related deaths annually in the London Borough of Newham.

22% of adults are drinking above the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines of less than 14 units a week in London, putting them at a higher risk of health problems linked to alcohol. These problems include seven types of cancer, strokes and dementia.


Speaking afterwards, Stephen said: ‘Harmful alcohol consumption is impacting individuals, families and communities in many ways. Across the country, only 20% of dependent drinkers are in treatment and receiving the support they need. This is not good enough’.

Alcohol harm currently costs NHS England £3.5 billion every year with the total societal costs of alcohol estimated at around £21 billion annually. In England, alcohol has become the leading risk factor for death, ill-health, and disability for those aged 15-49. Between 2012 and 2017, alcohol-specific deaths have risen by 10% in the UK.