Stephen criticises "negligent" Ministers over Youth Obligation

Stephen has uncovered the failure of government flagship scheme, Youth Obligation, to keep any records of their clients. Recent reports suggested that around 15,300 young people have dropped off the scheme without finding work, and without the organisation gathering any information about their whereabouts.

Youth Obligation was set up in April 2017 to offer specialist help to 18 – 21 year-olds from Jobcentre advisors. It has replaced the government’s Work Programme and aims to help young people into employment by offering advice on how to succeed with applications and interviews.

Speaking to the Independent, Stephen said “it is extraordinarily negligent not to collect the data for the programme. Without it, the government will have no idea if it is succeeding or failing.” 

He has also emphasised that “young people’s jobs are often temporary, low-paid and part-time. The government has to find a way to enable them to progress into permanent, better-paid, full-time employment.”