Stephen criticises government for lack of action on acid attacks

Stephen has said the government is failing acid attack victims by refusing to introduce new laws to crack down on the vicious assaults.

Prior to the summer recess, Stephen led a debate in the House of Commons where he called on the government to make it illegal to carry acid. However, Ministers  have only committed to deal with acid attacks by enforcing existing laws more strongly.

Stephen has accused the Government of playing down the problem, telling The Sun: “It seems they don’t really want people talking about this if they can help it.” Speaking about the laws which he wants to see introduced - particularly the ban on sales of sulphuric acid to anyone who does not have a licence to purchase it - Stephen said: "We have got to make it riskier to carry acid.”

Stephen began his campaign after several acid attacks took place over the summer, mostly in London, with motorbike riders among the innocent members of the public targeted by thugs.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd vowed to act - but stopped short of proposing new legislation. Last week minister Sarah Newton sent a letter to MPs insisting that “good progress is being made” on the action plan to prevent the attacks.