The Stephen Timms Politics School has seen 22 students from sixth forms in Newham come to Parliament to gain an insight into politics. In this video, Saimah, a student on the first Politics School, talks about her experiences.

Read more about the experiences of former Politics School students below:


Khuslen, NewVIc

"As a student of the Stephen Timms Politics School, I learnt amazing new things, from how the EU works, to what MPs do and even how sugar is made at Tate and Lyle! I've become much more confident and my political knowledge is better than before. All the people I met and the places I visited during the Politics School have shown me a different perspective; the programme has motivated to work somewhere where I can make a difference."

Rania, Sarah Bonnell School

"I have gained a greater understanding of what the daily life of an MP involves. I also now have a much greater understanding of the European Parliament in particular. The Politics School definitely exceeded my expectations as I did not expect to learn as much as I did or take part in such a wide range of experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme!"

Richard, NewVIc

"The Politics School was an awesome and amazing experience! I learnt a lot of things, from what happens behind the scenes, to how the media plays a role in politics and how Council discussions take place.
"I now know a lot about regeneration in my local area and enjoyed going on a tour of sights in Newham. I would definitely recommend the Politics School!"


Applications for the Stephen Timms Politics School are now open. Apply here now.