At the Sky Studios in Millbank last year

At the Sky Studios in Millbank last year

"Planning is well under way for my Politics School which is being run from 16 - 20 February. It follows the Summer School I organised last year, which sought to give sixteen and seventeen year olds in Newham an insight into politics, on both a local and national level. 

"Young people in Newham show a lot of interest in politics. One sign is the growing participation in the borough’s young mayor election - an impressive turnout of 76 per cent was recorded this year. I read all the manifestos of those who stood for election - they were excellent. They called for more activities for young people, safer and cleaner streets, and improved access to universities and jobs. 

"The participants at my Politics School, who were selected last year after completing an application form on this website, are drawn from schools across Newham. Not only will they have the chance to see how Parliament works, they will also receive training in public speaking, working with the media and campaigning. I am hoping to lead them on a tour of Newham, showing some of the vital regeneration projects in recent years too.

"I will keep readers updated on how the Politics School is going by posting regularly on this website, the Politics School Twitter account, and on my Facebook page."

AuthorStephen Timms