On 31 March, Stephen accompanied the Taiwanese Representative to the UK to The Crystal in Newham’s Royal Docks – the world's largest permanent exhibition on the future of cities, as well as one of the world's most sustainable buildings and events venues. 

The visit was at the request of the Representative, Mr David Yung-Lo Lin, and the group also included Alex Huang, Head of Political Division at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, Mr Yen-Chang Wu, Secretary, Political Division and Ms Cora Wang, Secretary, Political Division.  The group was hosted by Mr Mark Jenkinson of Siemens, who provided a tour of the exhibition and explained technological ideas for smart cities. 

Smart city technologies aim to make cities better places to live by targeting: connections, economy, people, government, environment and living.  Ideas discussed include improvements to transportation connectivity and energy efficiency.  Taiwan believes that its firms have real expertise to offer around the world in smart city technology.

Stephen – a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities – commented: “Siemens have shown real leadership and ambition in establishing the Crystal in East London. Managing cities will be a major challenge around the world in coming decades, and technologies to enable it to be done well will be vitally important.  We are going to need extensive co-operation in the future – between countries as well as between companies.”

AuthorStephen Timms