Stephen has lent his support to those campaigning against the proposed closure of the Acute Day Hospital in Plaistow, which is due to take place at the end of March. 

The closure of the hospital was first reported in the Newham Recorder. Stephen is concerned that there has not been a full consultation over an extended period time about the closure. 

In a letter to the Chief Executive of the East London NHS Foundation Trust, Stephen wrote: "It seems that the aim of the closure is to cut costs, however severe the impact. I’ve heard that one of the arguments for closure is that the hospital is not fully utilised – yet considering that the utilisation is at a similar level to the in-patient wards at Newham, it should be possible to increase utilisation by making places available to residents of boroughs other than Newham."

East London NHS Foundation Trust believes that sufficient care could be provided by the home treatment team in Newham. Stephen is concerned, however, that the treatment team in Newham is smaller than in other areas and work shorter hours – and the situation will not improve if the hospital closes: "...the closure will mean that fewer resources will have to stretched even further than they currently are – patients could be serious trouble if they are not attended to enough," he said.

After sending the letter Stephen said: "Over the last week, a number of my constituents have raised with me their concerns about the effects any closure will have on patients. I am keen that the Trust look again at the proposed closure."

Stephen's full letter to the Chief Executive of East London NHS Foundation Trust can be read here.

AuthorStephen Timms