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Stephen has pledged his support for families with disabled children this week at a parliamentary event organised by the Disabled Children’s Partnership  - a coalition of more than 50 disability and children’s charities working together to improve health and social care services for families with disabled children.

At the event the Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP) revealed its 5 step plan, developed to help address the growing crisis in health and social care services for disabled children and their families.

The 5 steps includes a reviewing funding of short breaks (respite) provision for disabled children and families.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said: “The event organised by the Disabled Children’s Partnership was a great opportunity to meet with families and learn more about the realities of caring for disabled children - and why good quality health and social care services are so essential for the health and wellbeing of their family. 

“These services provide a lifeline for many families and often it’s quite basic services such as short breaks or equipment and adaptations to the home, that help them stay together, work and have a quality of life most families take for granted. Families with disabled children give back to our community and economy in so many different ways and that’s why I’m proud to pledge my support to the Disabled Children’s Partnership’s 5 step plan to improve vital health and social care services for families with disabled children.”

Amanda Batten, Chief Executive of Contact and chair of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, said: “Families with disabled children face four big challenges: There are not enough services, many of those that exist are not good enough, families cannot access them easily, and services do not always work together and communicate well with each other.

“This event and our 5 step plan marks the next phase of the Disabled Children’s Partnership’s Secret Life of Us campaign and pushes for real change while shining a light on the challenges that families with disabled face and the changes we want to see to help overcome them.”

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