Stephen, has expressed his support for the UK’s creative industries at an event held in Westminster on Thursday celebrating the enormous successes the sector has had in recent years.
The event, held by MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, coincided with a debate in the House of Commons on the importance of supporting the UK’s creative industries. The UK’s creative sector is valued at over £84bn, with 2.8m jobs linked to the creative industries around the country. 

Speaking at the event, Stephen said;

“I am very pleased to be able to support Britain’s creative sector.  In our local area alone we have fantastic creative businesses who add so much to our community and who provide jobs and support our economy.   

We need to support these businesses today, and ensure that trained, talented people enter these professions in the future, which is why I believe creativity should be taught at all levels, and be treated with the respect and admiration it deserves,” 

During the debate on the issue, a number of challenges were also highlighted, such as the need to ensure schoolchildren are taught creative subjects as part of a rounded curriculum, and that these subjects are properly valued. This is also extremely important to universities, as if the numbers of students in creative subjects falls, or these types of degrees are not fully valued, then the UK risks depleting its talent pool of skilled graduates.

AuthorStephen Timms