Last week, Stephen visited East Thames’ social enterprise, Reclaim at the Lane, to find out how they’re contributing to waste reduction in the borough. 

The project, which has been running from Cranberry Lane Community Centre for over a year, sells good quality second hand furniture at very reasonable prices so it does not go to waste. Products available range from large furniture items like sofas and dining tables, to white goods and even surplus paint.  Reclaim at the Lane also offers a collection service for those who want to get rid of unwanted furniture.  

During his tour of Reclaim at the Lane, Stephen spoke with volunteers Nadine Adams and Gemma Walters about the day to day running of the service. Gemma, a mother of three said: “I like the people, I like the staff, they’ve made us feel very welcome, and we have some really fun times down here. It’s helped me because I’m actively looking for work. I’m interacting with people and I’m learning new skills.”

Speaking about his visit, Stephen said: “The availability and quality of housing are some of the main concerns that constituents bring to my advice surgeries. There are lots of people moving in East London and services like this one are helpful for those low on funds who want to furnish their home. It’s great that the service is staffed by volunteers – volunteering opens up opportunities. I am pleased that East Thames uses this project to encourage people to find work.”

Corrine Hutcheson, enterprise manager for East Thames said: “Having a nice place to live is a basic need for everyone. Using furniture donated to us from a range of sources, we are proud to be able to offer very high quality goods at incredibly affordable prices. We run Reclaim at the Lane with the help of volunteers and any money we make is invested back into the service.”

Reclaim at the Lane is open Tuesday – Thursday, 10am until 4pm.

AuthorStephen Timms