The East Ham MP learned all about the valuable contribution of apprentices during a visit to the Royal Wharf development.

During the briefing Stephen also visited a show home and examined a scale model of the development by Ballymore and Oxley.

The scheme will offer a mix of affordable and private homes alongside independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

Apprentice Shardon Gonzalez, 29, from Stratford said: “I can say with pride that I am involved in one of the largest projects in the country and I am loving every minute of it.”

Stephen added: “Royal Wharf will account for ultimately some 4000 new homes, making an important contribution to revitalising East London.

“I was delighted to meet young people, including some from Newham, starting their careers and doing well on this important project.

“Newham is a vibrant and exciting place for young people to work and live in.”

AuthorStephen Timms