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Stephen has helped to launch Mitzvah Day 2016, the UK’s biggest faith-based day of social action, at an event in the Houses of Parliament. Mitzvah Day is run in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews.

Stephen joined 20 Parliamentarians, from all sides of the political spectrum, who decorated cupcakes, which were then taken to Norton House care home, in Westminster, as part of a ‘sunshine to seniors’ project where volunteers served tea and spent time with the residents. Stephen also met with representatives from Mitzvah Day, and a number of Jewish youth movements, as well as Gillian Merron, Chief Executive of The Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said: "I was delighted to join the group in Parliament earlier today, and am happy to lend my support to Mitzvah Day 2016."

Laura Marks OBE, the founder and chair of Mitzvah Day, added: “Given the recorded rise in hate crime we’ve seen recently, and the heightened fear of the outsider, the need to bring people together has never been greater. That’s why our focus at Mitzvah Day is on building bridges through doing projects which tackle the challenges of modern society, and which bring people together who might otherwise stay apart. Our aim is to celebrate making a difference to local causes in joy and friendship.

“And what better way to launch this year’s Mitzvah Day than by bringing together so many MPs, with contrasting political views, to do something that makes a real difference to the local Westminster community.”

Mitzvah Day 2016 – which takes place on, and around, Sunday November 27 – will see more than 40,000 volunteers in Britain and 20 other countries giving their time, not their money, to make a difference to the community around them. This year, more than ever, Mitzvah Day is focused on building bridges and bringing people of all faiths, and none, together. 

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