Stephen has told MPs during a debate in the House of Commons that it may be possible to retain tariff-free access to the single market if the Government re-negotiates a new definition of free movement. The issue remains mired in controversy with MPs across all parties frequently disagreeing on what a future independent Britain may look like.

Stephen's comments followed his recent visit to Germany and a meeting with Dr Markus Kerber: the Director General of the Federation of German Industries. Referring to the idea of re-branding ‘free movement of people’ as ‘free movement of labour’, Stephen said: “Dr Markus Kerber suggested that it might be possible to persuade the other EU member states to change the meaning of free movement in that way… The idea would clearly need a great deal of work, but it may at least be a glimmer of something that could be delivered to avoid what otherwise seem to be to be very serious threats for the future of the UK economy.”


AuthorStephen Timms