Earlier today, Stephen visited the Beckton sewage treatment works which currently serves 3.5 million people across London. Stephen was shown around the plant, which has recently benefited from a £190 million pound upgrade project.  

As part of the tour, Stephen was shown one of the HGV vehicles that clear London drains twenty-four/seven. These vehicles are leased through the company ‘LanesforDrains ‘, who are partnered with Thames Water to provide a full service across London. Stephen was shown the new safety features which have been fitted on the vehicles, which include the mounting of additional mirrors and cameras.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen said “I am very pleased to visit here today and see the progress that has been made in the treating of sewage. It was also good to see how seriously Thames Water takes its health and safety responsibilities when cleaning London's sewers. We must be grateful to the employees from Thames Water for providing such a critical service." 

AuthorStephen Timms