Earlier today, Stephen hosted a reception for the Newham All-Star Sports Academy (NASSA) and Dynamo Moscow. The teams played each other the previous evening with  Dynamo Moscow coming away with the victory. But this morning, the teams lay down their rivalry to enjoy a breakfast on House of Commons terrace together. 

NASSA was founded 2005 by Natasha Hart, a former Russian basketball international player. When Natasha founded the charity and sports teams, her vision was to provide an alternative to anti-social behavior in her East Ham. Her national ‘Carry a Basketball Not a Blade’, was praised for promoting positive values and aspirations in the young people of East Ham and the rest of the country.

The event was also attended by representatives from NASSA’s sponsors- London City Airport, Metropolitan Police, and Aspers Casino.  

Speaking at the event, Stephen praised NASSA basketball team for “I have been the patron of NASSA since 2008, and every year, I have even more reasons to be immensely proud of the charity. The success of the NASSA basketball team are extraordinary. Not only do they regularly fill column inches in their sporting victories, they represent inspirational values for other young people in East Ham. I am delighted to welcome Dynamo Moscow too; I hope they enjoyed the match against NASSA. I commend Natasha, who is not only striving to create a lasting legacy in East Ham, but internationally too”. 

After the reception, Stephen took the players of Dynamo Moscow on a tour of Parliament.


AuthorStephen Timms