Last Friday, Stephen visited care home provider, Home Instead. came to see us at our office to discuss the current state of home care in London. Whilst there he spoke to staff about their experiences of caring for some of the elderly residents of Newham. 

Speaking about the visit, Shehzad Rana of Home Instead said: "...[The care system] is a particularly hot issue in the media at the moment, with failings within the care sector being highlighted on a regular basis. Many care providers are guilty of detrimental practises, such as 15-minute visits to clients, several different carers turning up on the same day at a single client’s house, and inappropriately matched carers assigned to clients who cannot speak the same language." 

Afterwards, Stephen said: "I very much enjoyed my visit today. We spoke about some of the challenges facing the care sector and how - together with other - we can help improve care for residents in east London.

"It is clear that Home Instead take the responsibility of caring for those in old age seriously. In many ways they are setting the standard for other care home providers to follow."

AuthorStephen Timms