Stephen will today set out a five-point plan for older workers, along with Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Rachel Reeves MP.
The plan - which a Labour government would introduce - would give older people the support they need with the chance to learn new skills, find work and contribute. A Labour government will:  

  1. Introduce a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee. 
  2. Reform the failing Work Programme. 
  3. Help more older workers save for a pension. 
  4. Cut red tape for older workers who are self-employed. 
  5. Bring in a higher rate of Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) for older workers who have contributed  

New figures from the House of Commons library, published today, have shown 68,000 older people would benefit from Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee.
Speaking about the plan, Rachel said: ”Thousands of older people who have contributed for years have been abandoned and left on the dole for years by David Cameron’s government. Long-term unemployment comes at a huge cost for older workers and their families and a huge cost for taxpayers. It’s yet another example of Tory Welfare Waste. Labour will give older people who want to do the right thing, work and contribute the chance to learn new skills and find a job through our Compulsory Jobs Guarantee. New figures published today show 68,000 older people who have been out of work for two years or more would benefit from Labour’s Jobs Guarantee.
“Labour’s Jobs Guarantee is a key part of our plan to get the deficit down and earn our way to higher living standards for all, not just a few at the top.”


AuthorStephen Timms