Stephen Timms has pledged his support for high quality Religious Education (RE) in schools at a House of Commons event, arranged by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Religious Education. Stephen was among a group of MPs invited to learn more about the work of the Religious Education Council’s patrons and young RE ambassadors.   

MPs from across the main parties support RE in schools.  A recent APPG inquiry have found that high quality RE can play a key role in helping young people make sense of the diverse world around them. In recent months, greater recognition has been given to RE. Religious Studies GCSE entry figures show that it remains a popular subject choice and in September the Government announced that it was reinstating bursaries for trainee RE teachers. 

Commenting, Stephen said: “RE teachers across Newham are doing an excellent job in ensuring our young people grow up with a thorough understanding of different faiths and beliefs, developing knowledge and skills that will equip them to tackle many of life’s challenges.   Past pressure on the religious education has led to teachers without sufficient specialist training trying to teach a diverse subject that requires expert knowledge and understanding of detailed, sometimes complex, issues.  I'm very pleased to pledge my support for RE in schools and help draw attention to its cause.”

Since its formation in 2012, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Religious Education has received significant cross-party support.  In schools RE is a popular, highly-valued and academically rigorous subject. It has never been more relevant and beneficial than today as it helps improve understanding of religions and beliefs and engages young people in topical subject matter. The APPG helps ensure a clear, positive and current view of Religious Education is heard, both inside and outside Parliament. 

AuthorStephen Timms