Earlier today, Stephen met with students from the Challenge Network. Their visit to Parliament formed part of a three week programme at the end of which participants receive a certificate from the Prime Minister.

Having been introduced to the students, Stephen gave them a tour of the Houses of Parliament and spoke to them about his role as the local MP. He then took the group to a Committee Room where the students told him about an idea they had devised during the programme called Off the Streets.

Off the Streets is a response to the groups observation that many young people in Newham spend much of their free time on the streets with - in some cases - very little to do. The students surmised this may be because they are unaware of many existing initiatives and organisations who work in the borough.  As part of Off the Streets the group created a campaign which involved the building of creative art wall in Plashet Park.

The campaign will launch officially on 21 September at Forest Gate Youth Centre. The group plan to design 2,000 leaflets for the launch informing young people of youth clubs, skate board sites and other initiatives which are run in Newham.

Speaking after the visit, Stephen said: “It was a privilege to speak to the students today. Their campaign is well planned and they deserve great credit for it.

Although I cannot attend the launch, I will be following their live Twitter feed and I wish them all the best!”

AuthorStephen Timms