Last Thursday, members from the East Ham CLP attended an Eid reception hosted by Ed Miliband at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane.  

The reception began with a performance  by students Forest Gate. After a reading from the Quran, there were a number of speeches from parliamentarians including Khalid Mahmood MP, Keith Vaz MP, Shabana Mahmood MP and Sadiq Khan  MP. The speeches acknowledged the generosity of British Muslims in their charity, especially with the current climate of conflict all around the world. Many of the MPs noted that British Muslims gave more to charity here at home than any other community in Britain last year.

Speaking in his keynote speech, Ed Miliband said: "British Muslims enrich our society with your culture and traditions, and I hugely respect and admire your contribution. Without it, Britain would not be the country it is today.

"I know that Islam is a religion which prides itself on the values of peace, love, charity and prosperity for all. Everyone in our country should take the time to truly experience and understand the contribution of British Muslims...Islamic values of service to the poor, loving our neighbours and being upstanding members of our society are absolutely part of British values."

Speaking after the event, Stephen said: "I was delighted to host a table for my local party members. Tonight was an important opportunity for MPs from across the country to acknowledge the contribution people of Islamic faith make to our communities, and the Labour Party."

Ajim Miah, who attended the reception in his capacity as the Secretary of the Little Ilford Labour Branch said: "The reception was one to remember. We got our photograph taken with Ed Miliband. What's more, we had an amazing dinner. It was a superb night, and one that I would hope to come again to in the future!"

AuthorStephen Timms