Stephen met today with Melvin Hurley, the founder of Milton Keynes Executives Action (MKEA), which was set up in 2011 to help local professionals made redundant during the recession. Since 2011 MKEA has grown in reputation by supporting over 200 people, 80% of whom have returned to work or set up their own business. Today MKEA is partnering with Milton Keynes Council to deliver its Neighbourhood Employment Programme.

Having visited MKEA in 2013, Stephen was keen to meet with Melvin in parliament for an update on the innovative work MKEA is undertaking. Today's meeting was facilitated by Emily Darlington and Andrew Pakes, Labour's parliamentary candidates for the seats of Milton Keynes North and South respectively.  

Speaking after the meeting, Stephen said: "Melvin and his team have created a terrific project in Milton Keynes, with an impressive success rate. In the Labour Party we believe it is important that we learn from people like Melvin, who have a wealth of experience on the ground, to create better prospects for those facing unemployment. I would like to thank Melvin for a very productive meeting and our superb prospective candidates, Emily and Andrew, for helping make the meeting happen."

Melvin added: "There is no easy solution to finding work when there are more unemployed people than jobs available, that is even more so for professional and managers over the age of 50. Yet these are the very people with the experience, knowledge and expertise that can help small and new businesses succeed.

“MKEA provides the training and support network to help these people secure a new job or start a new business. I am grateful to Andrew and Emily for helping me to share our success in Parliament and for raising the subject with Stephen Timms MP"

AuthorStephen Timms