Stephen met this afternoon with a delegation from the British Tamil Forum alongside local Tamil constituents to discuss the human rights situation in Sri Lanka. 

Speaking to the gathered group, Stephen reasserted his commitment to seeing a full independent international inquiry into alleged human rights abuses towards the end of the civil conflict. saying:

"I've been calling along with my Labour Party colleagues for some time now for a full independent  international inquiry into what happened - the war crimes, the crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka - towards the end of the conflict there in 2009.

I am not sure the United Nations resolution that has been drafted fully implements that commitment which the Prime Minister David Cameron made and I shall be pressing him, along with others on the Labour party benches in the House of Commons to ensure that that commitment which he made is fully delivered and that Britain does press wholeheartedly for that full international, independent, credible inquiry without which nobody will be satisfied that we have got the bottom of what really happened" 

AuthorStephen Timms