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This morning Stephen, alongside Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Rachel Reeves, announced Labour's first 2015 manifesto pledge: to introduce a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee for the duration of the next parliament.

Writing for LabourList today, Stephen outlined how this Tory-led government has failed, and why Labour believe a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to be the way forward.

Stephen writes: 

The number of young people left on unemployment benefits for over a year has doubled since 2010 under David Cameron’s government. The latest figures show over 50,000 young people have been on the dole for over 12 months. Its increasingly clear that the government has failed miserably to give young people opportunities to learn, train and find a job ...

... Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee would mean every young person out of work for more than 12 months will be given a paid starter job. Work they will have to take up or lose benefits. Labour will work with employers to help fund paid work with training for six months. It will mean paid starter jobs for over 50,000 young people who have been left on the dole for over a year by this government.

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AuthorStephen Timms