Stephen has today welcomed the launch of the Labour Party's pre-manifesto report, Changing Britain Together.

The report summarises much of what was agreed on at this year's National Policy Forum. It tells of how any future Labour government will tackle the scourge of low pay, raise the minimum wage and ban zero-hours contracts. It also outlines how the Party would seek to cut the deficit more fairly and its plans for the NHS.

In his introduction, Labour leader Ed Miliband said: "...[this report] should give you an idea of just how deep our commitment to change runs. It explains how together we can build our economy on the success of the many, a society based on our shared values and a politics
that gives power away instead of guarding it. And it shows that even when there is less money around we can change things with big reform not big spending." 

Speaking after its publication, Stephen said: "The reports is a blueprint for a fairer Britain. I hope it will encourage people to get in touch with the Party with their own views about what they would like to see in our manifesto next year."

Read Changing Britain Together by clicking on the image above.


AuthorStephen Timms