Stephen Timms has today criticised the government for misleading the public on foodbanks. Writing for the Huffington Post, Stephen noted that since April 2013 alone, over 500,000 people have used a Trussell Trust foodbank. He wrote: "Trussell Trust records the reason each person uses a foodbank. In 2012-13, 30% did so because of benefit delays, a further 15% because of benefit changes and 4% because they had been refused crisis loans. So 49% of referrals related directly to benefit problems."

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Stephen continued: "...The prime minister's soundbite [that demand for foodbanks went up tenfold under Labour] gets him through Prime Minister's Questions. The secretary of state for work and pensions cannot duck the issue so readily. So he has made a series of absurd claims. He has said that the rise in demand for foodbanks has no connection with the benefits system. The foodbank volunteers I meet say this is laughable. Mr Duncan Smith also suggested that demand grew because of the publicity his department gave to foodbanks."

The full article can be read here.

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