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Last night, Stephen appeared on the BBC's Newsnight programme to discuss Wednesday's labour market statistics.

Speaking to presenter Kirsty Wark, Stephen welcomed the fall in unemployment but urged the Tory-led coalition to do more: "What I hope will happen now is the government will seriously tackle the very large number of people who have been out of work for a long time. Over a quarter of a million young people, for example, have been out of work for over a year; they need help to get back into work now."

Stephen went on to say: "Inflation is 2.1% but wages are only going up at less than half that so the cost of living crisis is continuing with the average household £1600 worse off now since the election...this feels like a very uncertain and insecure recovery; people feel worse off, they are worse off."

You can watch Stephen's contribution to Newsnight by clicking here (available until 29/01/14). 

AuthorStephen Timms