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Today at Prime Minister's questions in the House of Commons, Stephen highlighted the extraordinary rise in the number of people needing to access emergency supplies at a Trussell Trust Foodbank.

Stephen asked: "The Trussell Trust co-ordinates the fast-growing network, now numbering some 400, of church-based food banks, which between them provided food for half a million people, just between April and December last year. Will the Prime Minister be willing to meet representatives of the Trussell Trust to discuss the big challenges with which they are grappling?"

Stephen was delighted that the Prime Minister agreed to such a meeting with the Trussell Trust, where previously government minister's have refused to.

Speaking afterwards Stephen said: "I am delighted the Prime Minister has finally agreed to meet with the Trussell Trust after the organisation has been ignored by Iain Duncan-Smith for so long. It is time for this government to face up to the hard truth that thousands of families have had to survive on handouts from Foodbanks this year." 

AuthorStephen Timms