Speaking on the BBC's popular political programme, The Daily Politics, earlier today, Stephen labelled the government's flagship welfare reform policy, Universal Credit, a "shambles".

Stephen's comments came after Iain Duncan Smith admitted over £40m of tax payer money has been written off only a matter of days after revealing the roll out of the policy is to be delayed.

Speaking to presenter, Jo Coburn, Stephen said: "Two things have gone wrong fundamentally: first of all ministers have failed to grasp the scale of the project...secondly, they failed to decide what exactly it was they wanted to build and started building the IT before they made the decision...we need action now to get this back on track."

You can watch the programme's feature on Universal Credit - including Stephen's contributions - here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b03lzg5c/?t=1m29s

AuthorStephen Timms