Stephen Timms chaired the launch of Christians on the Left on the evening of Tuesday 5 November in Westminster. The event celebrated half a century of work by the Christian Socialist Movement and launched the new name for the organisation, Christians on the Left. Over 140 people attended the event, with speakers including Jon Cruddas MP, Vicky Beeching, Andy Flannagan and the Revd Graham Hunter.

Opening the event, Stephen said that despite the name change the group would continue to be the voice of Christian Socialists in Britain. He outlined the three tasks of Christians on the Left: first, to support members who are active on the left of politics; second to ensure the Labour Party was shaped by Christian values such as responsibility, solidarity, patience, persistence, compassion and truthfulness; and third to influence politically Christians who are active in addressing hardship in their communities. Stephen commented: “Our task is to help people in churches to work through the political implications of these remarkable acts of service, and in particular to vote Labour.” 

The group’s name recently changed to Christians on the Left to reflect the broad spectrum of Christians who are active on the left of politics. At the event, attendees were encouraged to share their reasons for being a Christian on the Left, using the twitter hashtag #imachristianontheleft  Stephen, who is the Chair of Christians on the Left, was very encouraged by the enthusiasm around and success of the event and is optimistic about the future contribution of the group to British politics.

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