Stephen Timms today attended a public meeting organised by Newham Save Our NHS campaign at East Ham Town Hall. Over 110 people attended the meeting to express their views and concerns on the possible closure of Newham University Hospital’s A&E department.

Barts NHS Health Trust is considering options to reduce its £50 million deficit. However the Trust says it has no plans to axe the Newham A & E unit “now or in the future”.

Speaking at the event, Stephen told gathered residents that he had welcomed Newham Hospital joining the Barts Trust when it merged in April 2012 but said there was an increasing concentration on big centres with sophisticated equipment and warned: “If we don’t watch that carefully, things could go against Newham.” He also added that residents had to “resist any proposal to take away” emergency surgery  at Newham. 

Stephen stated the board of Barts Health Trust needs more representation from the people who work in the borough as a counter balance. 

He said: “If you look at the board, only one of the 10 members has worked at Newham and that person has now got a job in Australia. I think Barts should appoint an executive director with experience of working at Newham and a non-executive to represent the community.”

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