Stephen Timms, Labour's Shadow Employment Minister, has today criticised the Government's efforts to tackle youth unemployment. Writing for the Huffington Post, Stephen said: "The government's approach - the Youth Contract - was developed after Nick Clegg told the cabinet something must be done about youth unemployment. It has been clear for some time that it hasn't been going well.

"Eagerly awaited Youth Contract performance statistics were finally published on July 22. Since the launch of the policy in April 2012, just 4,690 wage incentive payments have been made - less than one tenth of what was planned. The target was for 160,000 wage incentive payments by 2015...The Youth Contract is failing. It is a flagship scheme, but it is on course to miss its target by more than 92%. It has proved too complex for employers, and too little effort has been made to promote it. The number of young people out of work is almost a million. The government's efforts are not delivering." 

Stephen's full article can be read here:

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