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In response to rising levels of homelessness in the Borough a new initiative has been launched. NEWway is run by a group of people who have a vision to help support and assist the homeless in the area. They are seeking to establish a seven day a week rolling shelter which provides shelter and support to around 15 guests per night. Each night would be a different venue – either a church or community centre – and the project will run over the coldest months of the year. The scheme will be referral based and will seek to be remedial. 

The NEWway team are looking for volunteers to help cook dinner, set up the beds and play board games with the guests. Each venue will need volunteers to assist with the evening shift; the overnight shift and also the breakfast shift.

Would you, or someone you know, be interested in helping out – even if only for one evening?

For more information on this exciting new chance to support our community please see the NEWway website: or contact the project coordinator Jonny Adams at”

AuthorStephen Timms