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Newham MPs, Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms, have welcomed the announcement by Ed Miliband that the Labour Party will freeze energy bills until the start of 2017 if the party wins the next election. The move is expected to save a typical household £120 and an average business £1,800.

Under David Cameron gas and electricity bills have gone up £300 for the average household while prices have risen faster than wages in 38 of the 39 months the Tory-led Coalition have been in power.

Lyn Brown said: “Constituents tell me they are worried about their energy bills. They do not know how they will be able to heat their homes this winter. People should not have to choose between heating or eating yet this is a worrying reality for a growing number of people in Newham.  

“Under David Cameron, Britain’s families are facing a cost of living crisis. The Government’s failure to tackle rip-off bills has meant that many people are struggling to make ends meet.”

 Stephen Timms said: “The recent announcements that some suppliers are going to increase their prices by up to 10% is a worry. David Cameron’s failure to tackle the so-called “Big Six” has meant that many people are now struggling to pay their bills.”

“Ed Miliband says Labour will freeze prices until the start of 2017 if Labour wins the next election. But residents of Newham need help now. So I’m calling on David Cameron to freeze our bills today.” 

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