Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, has attended a “very moving” event to mark the 7th anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings. The gathering, called ‘A Day for Unity and Peace’, was hosted by The Renewal Programme and Bridge Builders in Unity, and held at the Hartley Centre in East Ham.

The event was organised by members of Bridge Builders – local young people of various backgrounds of ethnicity, culture and faith and promoted a message of hope, tolerance and unity through recitations, prayers and music. It was also attended by local leaders from churches, mosques and temples, and by representatives of the Metropolitan Police.

Speaking after the event, Mr Timms said: “Today has been a chance to remember all the victims of those terrible events seven years ago. But, it is also a chance, as these young people have shown admirably today, to show unity in diversity. I am proud of what I have seen today – young people from a whole range of different cultures, ethnicities and social backgrounds coming together to say that peace, tolerance and understanding are important in today’s society. I would like to thank everyone involved in organising today’s event and promoting such a message.” 

Ms Gowri Pillai of East Ham founded “Bridge Builders in Unity” immediately after the 7/7 bombings in 2005, to bring together young people from different faith backgrounds. Alongside a varied programme, the organisation has arranged an annual commemoration of the bombings. The organisation is currently chaired by film maker David Taylor.

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