Stephen Timms, the Member of Parliament for East Ham, today congratulated students at Langdon School who have been working on a viral video campaign which campaigns to improve the image of young people in the media.

The students, who are all members of the National Children's Bureau (NCB), created a short film that highlights how young people are often portrayed in a poor light in the media. The film, which was made at Langdon, was edited with the help of producers at the BBC and has been released on YouTube as part of the wider campaign. The video can be viewed at: 

Speaking about the video, Stephen Timms said: “I would encourage everyone to watch the video – it only takes a couple of minutes. It conveys a very important message about how young people are often, and incorrectly, viewed in the media. I hope this campaign can help challenge those generalisations and congratulate all the students involved.”

Barbara Hearn, deputy chief executive at NCB said: ''Our young members have made a video with the BBC to challenge the assumptions and generalisations so many adults make. We hope that the film will go viral so they can really spread their message about challenging negative representations and get everyone out there to start thinking about the assumptions we make all too easily."

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