Earlier this evening there was serious damage in High Street North, East Ham, affecting Argos, Primark, Tesco and banks. The current paving work in the High Street has made matters more difficult. An electrical shop in Katherine Road was looted, and there have been reports of small groups of teenagers elsewhere committing burglary.

There can be no excuse for this. I applaud the work of the police in dealing with these outbreaks of disorder, and I hope their efforts will prove to have been successful when the morning comes.

I have been in contact with the police and local authority throughout the evening, and will continue to be. Tomorrow I will be visiting shop owners and local residents who have been affected. I would like to hear, on 020 7219 4000 or stephen@stephentimms.org.uk, from anyone in East Ham who has been affected by the disorder tonight.

Stephen Timms

AuthorStephen Timms