Earlier this week Stephen Timms MP joined health professionals and campaigners to wish the NHS a very happy 63rd birthday. He was joined by fellow MPs, doctors and patients.

Despite the celebrations, healthcare professionals have warned that the Government’s NHS reforms could fundamentally change the health service for the worse. 

The Government’s recent NHS Future Forum report has done little to allay the fears of doctors, nurses and patients. There are still major worries about a vast and damaging extension of competition, and concerns that the abolition of the private patient income cap will see NHS patients pushed to the back of the queue as Trusts prioritise care for paying patients. 

After attending an event, hosted by the All Together for the NHS campaign, Mr Timms said: “The creation of the NHS is a key part of British history and I am delighted to celebrate its 63rd birthday. The founding principles of the NHS – that everyone, regardless of their background, should be able to access high quality health care that is free at the point of use – are as important today as they were 63 years ago. 

The NHS remains one of the UK’s most important and most valued institutions. I am firmly opposed to the muddled blueprint for the NHS which is being pushed through by the Government.

AuthorStephen Timms